Plastic Free 2020 Campaign

'Maui no ka oi'.
This means Maui is the best and everyone agrees it should stay that way!
This is why we are dedicated to increasing awareness, education and action to be plastic free.

The fact is : plastic is a problem for our planet.
Changes need to be made in our society’s habits and systems!
We are cultivating this change and we need everyone to get involved!

Businesses list their sustainable practices that give anybody the ability to go plastic free, with our platform and Maui Eco Kits.

Simple yet effective practices such as encouraging reusable food & beverage containers, refilling water bottles and having recycling receptacle(s) to name just a few can have a huge impact for our island.
  • Sustainable Businesses and Map
    • Digital Map listing subscribed local businesses with sustainable products, services & practices.
  • Sustainable Products
    • Maui Eco Kits
    • Stainless Steel Water Bottles
    • Badass Coolers
    • Reef Safe Sunscreen
    • Reusable Food Tins
  • Recycling Infrastructure Education and Implementation
    • We collaborate together to implement the infrastructure and systems to match your business or household needs.

Community Composting

  • Agricultural processing program
  • We are bringing together residents with farmers to divert compost waste and transform it into healthy soil to strengthen agriculture sustainability locally.
  • Contact Us for Getting compost collected for your farm
  • Provide compost by collecting your plant waste and collaborating with us and we’ll collect it for you!

Creation Station

Our warehouse location , providing sustainable solutions in a collaborative space bringing together creators on Maui.
Shared spaces: office, workshop, studio, restrooms and more.
Developing now

Community Recycling Systems

  • Developing now

EV Charging and Services

    • Developing Now