Providing products and services that are sustainable for Maui, enhancing the community by bringing together local organizations in our projects, to create sustainable lifestyle infrastructure & ecotourism networks. We are seeking 100+ businesses and organizations on Maui to commit to 2020 plastic free goals.  This includes:
Plastic Free Business, compostable products, water refill stations, recycling bins, alternative energy, locally sourced food, vegan & vegetarian options,  EV Charging, BYOC (bring your own container ) and more!

 Our #PLASTICFREEMAUI campaign combines plastic free/sustainable businesses, our FloWater Refill Stations and our Maui EcoKit comprised of Reef Safe Suncream, reusable stainless steel water bottles, food tins, cutlery, produce bags & reusable bags.

With our EcoMap, we are creating the instruction manual  and infrastructure for zero waste in Maui.

We  provide and install FloWater refill stations. These combined with 100+ local businesses joining our #plasticfreemaui campaign that promotes and/or rewards BYOC (Bring your own container) & that have water refill stations will enable a transformational impact in plastic waste reduction for the local community and eco-tourism. Refill stations enable the end of the single use plastic water bottle directly by providing a distributed network that displaces the need for disposables. These increase foot traffic to local businesses and provide clean drinking water for residents and guests of the community. The same is the case with the food tins and reusable bags.

By way of our BE PONO series of reusable food ware, we aim to have recognized in every food establishment in Maui. We hope to have these Maui EcoKits preloaded into the rental cars & hotels of the island for rent and purchase.

We are driving towards having this information available to the public across the island and internet, including the airports and harbors. These key strategic locations; local food & beverage, hotels and airport enables every tourist to have an impact on waste reduction and increases sustainable businesses impact & profitability.

Please Contact Us so that we can work together to see Maui Go Plastic Free