A.F.T.E.R.Plastic Project
Art For The Environment Recycle Plastic Project
We are bringing together any and all artists in the Maui community to bring Educational Hand Painted Signs &/or Recycling Bins on every beach access on Maui. Our aim is to use art as a powerful tool to catalyze positive change in everyday consumer culture, to shift everyday behavior towards a waste conscious society that lives harmoniously with the delicate environments of the Hawaiian Islands. 
We are seeking volunteers, materials, gathering spaces, and occasional funding to create these community events to launch sustainability to the local and global community.
At such gatherings you can expect potluck style grindz, music variety, and most importantly fun community connection; as we come together to share our passions in this ambitious endeavor.
Key educational topics of this project include:
Cultural History
Reviving and sharing the traditions, values and practices of the native people in cultivating and living harmoniously with the land. 
Plastic Epidemic
Showcasing and educating the immense scope and consequences of plastic pollution in our oceans. From killer ghost nets killing our largest sea creatures, to microplastics that strangle the base
of the oceanic food chain and ecosystems.
Reef Safe Skincare / Sunscreen
Educating beach going populations on the reality of the harmful chemicals being falsely advertised as "Reef Safe" in many common sunscreen products, particularly aerosols.
Reef Safe Behavior
Educating on the delicacy of our precious coral reef, and the essential do's and don'ts of human coral relations, such as how to remove or report foreign non organic materials such as fishing line or lead weights; while also informing people to not touch coral, especially walking upon these sensitive organisms. 
Wasted Reality
Educating people that many food container plastic products are not recyclable in Hawaii at all, only plastics #1&#2 and HI-5 are recyclable , which are arguably not actually being recycled in many instances. Instead people should be looking at legitimately compostable materials, or transition to reusable alternatives, especially in regards to single use plastics.
Ocean Safety
Educate and amplify existing information on ocean hazards and proactive safety. Particularly on beach accesses that lack a lifeguard or easy emergency services access.