FloWater Product Option / Hand Free Foot Pedal

FloWater Product Option / Foot Pedal

The foot pedal control method for water dispenser solutions is available now, providing reassuringly sanitary and efficient hands free access delivery of healthy great tasting water. 

Existing customers upgrading will be charged $110, which includes shipping, delivery and installation.
New customers have the option to add the foot pedal on for $100,
which also includes shipping, handling and installation. 


Refill Station Pricing

A one time payment of $200 includes install, deposit, shipping, delivery, maintenance, and warranty.  Residential deposit of one month required. Flowater monthly subscription of $47 and up per month, suggested pricing with a minimum 36 month (3 year) contract, with discounts available for longer terms. Less than 3 years available with a higher monthly lease rate. 
The 3 smallest sizes do not come stock with alkaline filter, please add $10/mo for filter or 1 time cost of $50.

Contact us for wholesale purchase.
Businesses pay for your FloWater by retailing reusable  water bottles, these are stainless steel with customized logo ($100 typesetting fee)

It is a practical, economical, and an environmentally-friendly solution for everyone. This is in part due to careful attention to detail and high-end design features that make this water delivery system stand apart from the rest. 

For example, the Refill Station has LED lights, sleep mode, and an internal monitoring system to keep FloWater running at ultra-low operating costs. Not only does it cost less than maintaining a drinking fountain, but it’s also more sanitary. The recessed dispense nozzle, one-touch fill button, and hidden catchment tray all result in less dirt, grime, and germs than what’s found when using public drinking fountains and standard water coolers. Additionally, activated oxygen provides chemical-free sanitization for the stainless steel tanks and internal system. The result: cleaner water and minimal maintenance with no plastic involved at all.