Blu V Model
Dimensions (WxDxH)  13"x18.2".49/7"   Weight 62 lbs.
$42.50 - $55.00 per month

Model 2i

Dimensions (WxDxH)  13"x18.2".49/7"   Weight 56 lbs.    
$57.50 to $70 per month



Dimensions (WxDxH) 14"x17"x50.5"  Weight 93 lbs.
$72.50 - $85.00 per month


  A one time payment of $200 includes install, deposit, shipping, delivery, maintenance, and warranty.  Residential deposit of one month required. Flowater monthly subscription of $47 and up per month, suggested pricing with a minimum 36 month (3 year) contract, with discounts available for longer terms.

Less than 3 years available with a higher monthly lease rate.
The 3 smallest sizes do not come stock with alkaline filter,
please add $10/mo for filter or 1 time cost of $50.

Contact us for wholesale purchase.
Pay for your FloWater by retailing water bottles, reusable aluminum,
these are stainless steel with customized logo ($100 typesetting fee)
 A hidden catchment tray and recessed nozzle keeps the dispensing area cleaner
and freer of germs than a water fountain.
Additionally, the tanks go through a self-sanitization process with the help of activated oxygen.  Every drop that comes out of the station’s nozzle is pure, crisp water that’s enjoyable to drink. Since it refills automatically, there is always fresh, flowing water available at all times.