FloWater Premium units are an alkaline water station that is easy to install at any location. It is the most advanced water filtration system on the market. By installing these water stations across Maui, we can reduce the use of bottled water, with the potential of completely eliminating single use plastic water bottles in the near future.

A one time payment of $200 includes install, deposit, shipping, delivery, maintenance, and warranty.
Residential deposit of one month required. Flowater monthly subscription of $30 to $130 to $150 per month, suggested pricing with a minimum 36 month (3 year) contract, with discounts available for longer terms.
Less than 3 years available with a higher monthly lease rate.
The 3 smallest sizes do not come stock with alkaline filter, please add $10/mo for filter or 1 time cost of $50.

Contact us for wholesale purchase.
Pay for your FloWater by retailing water bottles, reusable aluminum,
these are stainless steel with customized logo ($100 typesetting fee).


Now, more than ever, is the time for proper measures—including hydration, which is essential for a healthy immune system to optimize our bodies’ natural defenses for maximum protection against COVID-19. FloWater stations are designed with safety and sanitization components in providing unlimited and continuous access to clean, purified, and hygienic drinking water for your employees, guests and customers.

Additionally, each station will have a QR code on it, revealing the locations of every FloWater Refill Station on Maui, making it easy to be sustainable. 


             Seven Steps to Advanced Purification

FloWater’s 7x Advanced Purification improves the water and delivers a delicious taste within seconds to you. It follows a step-by-step path of filtration that isn’t like anything else that’s available on the market. It purifies the water, improves the taste, and ends with a unique finish.

  • Sediment Filter – catches dirt and solid impurities
  • Carbon Filter – removes smaller particles such as chlorine, radon, and heavy metals that often leave unpleasant odors and taste
  • Advanced Osmosis Filter – filters for the third time to remove any remaining contaminants like fluoride, bacteria, lead, and possible pesticides, viruses, and pharmaceuticals
  • Activated Oxygen Filter – sanitizes the tanks and internal system by adding small amounts of activated oxygen which naturally removes impurities and increases oxygen in the water
  • Alkaline Filter – enhances the water with a proprietary blend of ten trace minerals to help neutralize acidity in the body 
  • Electrolyte Filter – supports healthy body function by including magnesium, potassium, sodium, and calcium (the same electrolytes found in sports drinks, coconut water, and bottled water)
  • Coconut Carbon Filter – provides a clean, fresh taste by using a filter made of real coconut husks

The multiple filters help to ensure there’s no trace of contaminants left behind. The result is chilled, great-tasting water that keeps people hydrated and eliminates the need for disposable water bottles. This solution encourages people to make the change to only use reusable bottles. The more people become accustomed to this solution, the more it helps alleviate the planet’s pollution problem.

Using a 32-oz. reusable water bottle saves approximately 1,460 plastic bottles per year. This estimation is based on the fact that the average person needs to drink the equivalent of at least four plastic water bottles per day to reach the target daily water intake.