Maui Sustainable Solutions seeks to assist local farms with sustainable, zero-waste food and beverage solutions. We are developing a Community Composting Program ( Bucket Up Maui )  with localized industrial composting Infrastructure such as West Maui GreenCycle, and small diverse artesian farms that will create nutrient rich soil amendments to recover Maui Agriculture Lands from a century of mono-crop farming sugar cane and pineapple. This goes to local farms and farming startups to rejuvenate the soil and propagate Regenerative Agriculture on Maui .

This further eliminates our plastic dependency with significant reduction in the necessity for plastic for food packaging, and economically benefits local businesses drastically. 

We have in development our EcoApp whereby households and businesses may subscribe to our community composting pick up service that is staffed by the commuter community, similar to other gig economy app jobs like Uber or Lyft.

Expect to see Green Jobs and Regenerative Agriculture in the second half of 2020! 

Please contact us if you would like to be part of our Beta Testers in our Community Composting Pilot Program.