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Vengo Vending Machines

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   How it Works:

  • See engaging video on a Vengo display 
  • Use a mobile phone to interact with the Vengo’s QR code and enter kiosk number 
  • On the phone screen, select the desired product, launching interactive brand experience 
  • Vengo verifies the user is a real and unique person 
  • Vengo dispenses the product with an end-to-end contactless experience 
  • Purchase of Vengo kiosks will improve the safety of your facility 
  • The kiosk includes a custom branded wrap 
  • Installation & setup includes site survey 
  • The kiosk comes with a 1-year warranty 


      Current Vengo Kiosk stocks 6 SKUs and Vengo XL which stocks up to 27 SKUs 
    • The digital screen can be used for public safety messaging 
    • Instant gratification, with high consumer engagement 
    • Proprietary platform: hardware + software 
    • Validated data collection 
    • Real-time tracking of every touch 
    • Remote capabilities 
    Installation Requirements:
    1. Electrical Outlet
    2. Internet Connection
    3. Energy Consumption - 80 Watts

    Wall Vending Machine Dimensions:
    • 33” H, 25” W, 7” D
    • Screen Dimensions:
    • 10” H, 18” W
    • 1920 x 1080 resolution
    • Vengo IoT Intelligence Platform:
    • Cloud-based remote diagnostics
    • Real-time tracking of inventory
    • Engagements
    • Data capture
    • Analysis

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