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100% Local Maui 3 part Soil Blend - Bulk Pricing

100% Local Maui 3 part Soil Blend - Bulk Pricing

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The soil we offer comes from the North slopes of West Maui, unsprayed, unplanted.
It is a 3 part combo   
(60% top soil + 20% cinder soil + 20% compost).
Designed for the consideration of drainage (cinder soil) and to provide high nutrient (compost) created a well drained and nutrient rich screened top soil.
Ready for planting.
3 cubic yards $850.00
4 cubic yards $900.00
5 cubic yards $950.00
6 cubic yards $1,050.00
7 cubic yards $1,100.00
8 cubic yards $1,200.00
9 cubic yards $1,300.00
10 cubic yards $1,350.00
15 cubic yards $1,550.00

When figuring how much you'll need, one cubic yard equals 34 - 5 gallon buckets.  (Allow .7 gallon for spillage)
Contact us for help determining the quantity you need. 

*Three yard minimum for delivery. 
Taking preorders for delivery within 10 days.