The health and safety of our FloWater customers and community is our #1 priority. As the COVID-19 situation evolves, we remain committed to providing you with the highest-quality product and customer service in delivering, installing, and/or servicing FloWater Refill Stations. The following safeguards have been in place and are being strictly enforced to protect our employees and customers: * A zero tolerance policy around sickness: If any employee shows or experiences any signs of illness, no matter how mild. * Every technician is required to sanitize their hands prior to leaving their delivery vehicle, wear a fresh pair of latex gloves for every installation or service visit. *Fully sanitize their surroundings with disinfecting wipes.

The Team

We would like to see the plastic water bottle become obsolete. Sustainability is a fully faceted concept, and as such we have a broad range of solutions to offer.

Our goal is to provide products and services that are sustainable for Maui, enhancing the community by bringing together local organizations in our projects, to create sustainable lifestyle infrastructure & ecotourism networks.We are seeking 100+ businesses and organizations on Maui to commit to 2020 plastic free goals. 

This includes: Plastic Free Businesses, compostable products, water refill stations, recycling bins, alternative energy, locally sourced food, vegan & vegetarian options, EV Charging, BYOC (bring your own container) and more!

We are the first FloWater Hawaii Representative in Maui. FloWater is an alkaline water refill station that is easy to install at any location. It is the most advanced water filtration system on the market. By installing these water refill stations across Maui, we can seriously impact reduction, with the potential of completely eliminating, single use plastic water bottles in the near future.